Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Boring Update

            So, this is yet another boring, snooze fest update.  This time I actually managed to get a little work done on both my anthology books and my novel.  I actually have two novels going, but one is a trilogy and I'm a long way from being done with that.  My  anthology book currently out, which is called boc: A collection of Short Stories, is about to get an undated version released.  Not only have some of the stories been revised, but the title will also be changed and maybe even the cover art, though only slightly.  I will release the updated title for my anthology series once I have the second volume done, which should not take long, I will start the final read on it tonight.

           The rough draft of novel is nearly finished, I have completed the outline for the next chapter and I don't expect for there to be any more than one or two chapters after this.   I actually intended to get it done this month, but that won't happen.  I only write on this thing when I'm at work on my lunch break, so you can imagine how long it would take to get it done.  I am currently handwriting it, then I will bring it home and start typing and revising it.   I'm looking forward to seeing this thing completed.  It's a little different what I usually write, but it still has a science fiction element to it, but it is more a backdrop, rather than the focus.

            I'm debating which project to start once my next anthology book is out.  I have two ideas for novels, one would be a four book fantasy series, the other a science fiction book, that I've, been already done some work on.  I'm going to talk to some people I know and see what I can get done on the artwork side for it.  If it works out in my favor, then I will begin on the SF book in earnest, once the revision process starts on my current novel.  If not, then I will probably start the four book series.
           I know I keep promising to launch a new addition to my blog, I have not forgotten, just as before, time is always against me.  I hope to have it ready in the next three weeks.  I have all I need ready to go, except for some of the content I need and some of the artwork for the site, but it's coming along. 

            When my anthology book is ready I promise everyone will know.  I will drive the web nuts plastering it all over the place! 

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