Friday, March 30, 2012

Edit is done...AT LAST

I finally have completed the edit on my second anthology book.  All that remains now is re-read it once more then I can get it out there.  It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, but it was worth it.

This new book easily surpasses the old on in every way.  I think the stories are more polished and more engaging than my first book.  I will make available a release date when I have one, but for now I just want to sit back and enjoy the fact I finally got it done.

I'm sure there will be a few tweaks here and there, and I still need to settle on the final layout of the book as well as cover art, and a couple of other things, but the guts of it is done and I could not be more happy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Scribes Work VI

So this story is one of the longer ones from my upcoming anthology book.  It is tentatively titled "Odd Jobs".  I may change this title, but I kind of like the irony it has, So I'm probably going to stick with it.

Anyway, this story is about three guys who walk  into a swamp looking for an old tower.  One guy named Z'ehle is a historian who hired the other two named Malac, and Gunthry to escort him into and out of the swamp.  The two protectors are essentially nothing but sell-swords who only go because they were promised a healthy pay day.

As the group travels both Malac and Gunthry show there mutual dislike of Z'ehle, who in turns thinks very little of them as well.  They eventually reach the tower and make their way inside.  At first they find nothing at all, until they come to a door that Z'ehle says leads a crypt.

As they enter the last room looking for their riches Z'ehle turns on them (face it you knew that was coming) and tells them he is going to unleash an ancient demon on the world.

Of course they fight it out, but I will not go into those details here, if you want to know how it ends just buy my book when it comes out.  (shameless plug)

I was really pleased with the way this story turned out.  I honestly believe it is one of the better stories in the book.  I have a few rough copies out there I am awaiting feedback on, but so far it had been pretty positive.  I enjoyed writing this one, especially the bickering between the main characters that I injected into it. 

If any of you are wondering when this book will be ready it should be soon.  At the time of this blog post I have only two stories left that I need to fine tune.  After that I will do one more read through then it will be ready.  Don't worry, I will make a HUGE deal out of it when the times comes.  Until then, thanks to all who have bought my first book, and I look forward to getting my second out there for all of you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Too Darn Busy (running from law)!

Hello out there on planet Earth, and beyond, if you have a really great internet connection.  Sorry it's been so long since I put up a post (cops closing in).  I've simply been too busy to do much of anything, other than what is required of me to pay my bills (work).

This post won't be too much, just a little peek into what is going on my mind (crickets chirping).  I have been giving a lot of thought to my first full length Sci-fi novel (in other words dreamed).  I am coming closer to settling on a ship design.  You would be surprised how hard it is to come up with a ship design that isn't campy or a rip-off of the design of another ship from some other SF series (please don't sue).  Anyway I have a lot of notes (mental) and the people I have run the concept by have been very receptive (bribery).

With the help of a friend (should be committed), I also came up with a concept for a zombie book.  Now, I don't want to hear any wise cracks about jumping on the bandwagon (turned down speaker volume).  I have thought of that already (hanging on to coat tales).  I really like the concept that we came up with, and we are thinking about trying to put it together (I will take all the credit).

Other than work I have gotten little else done.  I had hoped to have my second short story book edited by now, but that has proven to be difficult.  I also had hoped to have a manuscript done by now.  I'm on the last couple of chapters, so there really is no excuse (dog ate it).  Once I get that done I will begin my SF novel in earnest (not Earnest goes to camp). 

So sorry this isn't what many of you would like to see from me (I'm a slacker), but I hope that I will be able get a little more done in the near future.  The next "Scribes Work" post (hate that title) should be out soon. 

Oh, one last thing.  When I do get boc Vol 2 ready, I am going to a simultaneous launch of volumes one and two on smashwords as well as a launch of volume two on Amazon (I'm starving please buy it).

Until then, thanks for your support (you rock) and I will see all of you soon (I stalk).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Scribes Work V

So, after a delay, I am finally sitting down to write about another short story in my upcoming book, boc vol2.  This is titled The Scrolls of Recondite, and it is the third, and final, serial story.  It continues the story of a young magi named Devlin as he tries to uncover the secrets of an ancient artifact known as, oddly enough, The Scrolls of Recondite.

I won't delve too much into the character of Devlin himself, but to give just a quickly back story, Devlin is a young magi, who instead working to gain greater power, he works to discover ancient artifacts.  While his elders consider this a worthy task, they still believe him to be somewhat silly for going after a set of lost scrolls, that most of their order do not even believe exist.

They are said to contain an ancient and great pwoer.  Devlin searches out of pure academic interest.  However, there is another that searches for them for a more insideous reason.  Both of these men want the scrolls, for two totally different reason, despite the fact neither of them are sure what power they, or like, if Devlin's elders claim, they simply are not real.

Anyway, the story starts off with young Devlin following up on some clues from the previous story (if you want to know pick up my book, link is to the left, shameless plug).  Anyway, his journey takes him to a set of ruins near his own home city. 

While there he stumbles upon a secret chamber and makes a discovery in a long sealed tomb.  The problem is, why is there always a problem?  The problem is, he too has been discovered by the necromancer, again refer to first story.  He is saved by a mysterious figure, who is obviously a mage themselves. 

This is where the story ends.  I know exactly where I am going to take this, and I also want to mention that many of my short stories, including this one, are set in the same place.  I am planning a massive cross-story arc that will involve characters from many different stories, but that is not until sometime in the future.

I have been told by several people that the "scrolls" stories were their favorites and they could easily see this set of of stories turned into a full blown novel (hmmmm maybe).  Anyway this was one of the first stories I created for my first book, and while I like the Atonement serials more, these are a close second.

I hope you will check this story and all the others in my second book when it comes out.  I hope to have it done soon, but unfortunately my timetable was thrown off, but I am close to getting it done, and when it is I am going to do a simultaneous launch on Amazon for the bocvol 2 and on Smashwords for both volumes of my short story book. 

Until then, please pick up my first book, boc: A Collection of Short Stories, that is already available on Amazon, and for only a paltry .99 cents.

Thanks for all your support, and I hope to have an poss launch date for my second book very soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Scribe's Work IV

This story is my first attempt at doing something kind of spooky.  When I wrote this, the rough draft turned out really bad.  So bad in fact, that I almost dumped it all together, but something told me to take a second stab it, and I'm glad I did.  I think it turned out well in the end.

The story concerns the flight (running not flying) of a man who is wanted for a heinous crime.  He is being pursued by what could affectionately called a mob.  After a while, he manges to evade them and he takes refuge in a barn, which is stupid by itself.  I mean seriously, what mob would not look in the barn for this guy?

Anyway, as he decides to settle in for the night the story reveals what it is he did (which of course, I wont reveal here).  After he drifts off to sleep he discovers that they had indeed found him (big surprise) and they intend to meet out there own justice. 

This is where I will stop telling you about it.  If i do, I will have to spoil things and what fun is that?  However, since I know my readers all kick ass, I am going to post the story in its entirety on Wattpad.  The link is to the left.  I'm going to leave you now with a little piece of it, just to wet your taste buds, enjoy!

He felt himself falling, falling.  He fell into a pile of wood, the rope was gone, but the same people were still there watching him.  Several people had ringed the pile of wood each with a torch in hand.  He tried to flee, but he was suddenly bound to a massive wooden pole.  He could now see that some people held Bibles in their hands, and others appeared to be praying.  He could not be sure, but he doubted that they were praying for his forgiveness.  The next instant all the torches were thrown onto the wood pile, which had been soaked in oil.  It instantly caught fire.  He could see the flames, and smell the smoke.  Slowly the heat around him started to grow, becoming more intense and more unbearable.  He could feel searing pain where the flames began to lick at his skin.  He could see his skin begin to blister and bubble away, the pain was indescribable.  It would not be long now.