Monday, April 15, 2013


I feel the need to comment on what happened in Boston today. I admit I don't know what to say. I know what I feel however. I'm obviously pissed that someone would make such a cowardly move against a group of true innocents, though that is how this sort of thing works. I'm also saddened because while this incident was a surprise the actual act of a bombing is almost common place on a global scale. That said, I will not dive into politics, or any of that bullshit, there's no point. My heart goes out to all those killed, injured, their families and those caring for the wounded. Boston you kick ass. Whoever did this, consider this my big middle finger to you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How I write

            So, I posted this question the other day on G+ and got a lot of responses, so I thought I would put it up here and see if I got a similar response, but first, a little back story.  I often find it hard to write, not because I don’t have ideas, but becasue I simply am not in the right mood.  I can always write, but to write well, and to especially start a new project, I find that I have to be in certain mood to do it. 
          What kind of mood you ask? Well, to be honest, in a nutshell a bad mood.  Now, I am not saying that I need to mad or wholly depressed, though I have produced good work that way.  I feel I need to be in a funk, somewhere between depressed and happy.  If I’m too depressed then I don’t put a lot of effort becasue I don’t care.  If I’m too happy I usually can’t concentrate very well.  When I’m in my writing mood I tend to be a lot more thoughtful and contemplative, which for me, produced the best results. 

           So, how many of the rest of you great writers out there have a similair mood with which you write in, or does this make me sound weird, and a little nutty.  I’d like to know, it interests me how the rest of you get your worlds and ideas from your imagination to the pages.