Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Scribes Work VI

So this story is one of the longer ones from my upcoming anthology book.  It is tentatively titled "Odd Jobs".  I may change this title, but I kind of like the irony it has, So I'm probably going to stick with it.

Anyway, this story is about three guys who walk  into a swamp looking for an old tower.  One guy named Z'ehle is a historian who hired the other two named Malac, and Gunthry to escort him into and out of the swamp.  The two protectors are essentially nothing but sell-swords who only go because they were promised a healthy pay day.

As the group travels both Malac and Gunthry show there mutual dislike of Z'ehle, who in turns thinks very little of them as well.  They eventually reach the tower and make their way inside.  At first they find nothing at all, until they come to a door that Z'ehle says leads a crypt.

As they enter the last room looking for their riches Z'ehle turns on them (face it you knew that was coming) and tells them he is going to unleash an ancient demon on the world.

Of course they fight it out, but I will not go into those details here, if you want to know how it ends just buy my book when it comes out.  (shameless plug)

I was really pleased with the way this story turned out.  I honestly believe it is one of the better stories in the book.  I have a few rough copies out there I am awaiting feedback on, but so far it had been pretty positive.  I enjoyed writing this one, especially the bickering between the main characters that I injected into it. 

If any of you are wondering when this book will be ready it should be soon.  At the time of this blog post I have only two stories left that I need to fine tune.  After that I will do one more read through then it will be ready.  Don't worry, I will make a HUGE deal out of it when the times comes.  Until then, thanks to all who have bought my first book, and I look forward to getting my second out there for all of you.

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