Friday, March 2, 2012

A Scribe's Work IV

This story is my first attempt at doing something kind of spooky.  When I wrote this, the rough draft turned out really bad.  So bad in fact, that I almost dumped it all together, but something told me to take a second stab it, and I'm glad I did.  I think it turned out well in the end.

The story concerns the flight (running not flying) of a man who is wanted for a heinous crime.  He is being pursued by what could affectionately called a mob.  After a while, he manges to evade them and he takes refuge in a barn, which is stupid by itself.  I mean seriously, what mob would not look in the barn for this guy?

Anyway, as he decides to settle in for the night the story reveals what it is he did (which of course, I wont reveal here).  After he drifts off to sleep he discovers that they had indeed found him (big surprise) and they intend to meet out there own justice. 

This is where I will stop telling you about it.  If i do, I will have to spoil things and what fun is that?  However, since I know my readers all kick ass, I am going to post the story in its entirety on Wattpad.  The link is to the left.  I'm going to leave you now with a little piece of it, just to wet your taste buds, enjoy!

He felt himself falling, falling.  He fell into a pile of wood, the rope was gone, but the same people were still there watching him.  Several people had ringed the pile of wood each with a torch in hand.  He tried to flee, but he was suddenly bound to a massive wooden pole.  He could now see that some people held Bibles in their hands, and others appeared to be praying.  He could not be sure, but he doubted that they were praying for his forgiveness.  The next instant all the torches were thrown onto the wood pile, which had been soaked in oil.  It instantly caught fire.  He could see the flames, and smell the smoke.  Slowly the heat around him started to grow, becoming more intense and more unbearable.  He could feel searing pain where the flames began to lick at his skin.  He could see his skin begin to blister and bubble away, the pain was indescribable.  It would not be long now.

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