Friday, February 17, 2012

A Scribe's Work III

This is yet, another continuation of another story from my first book: Atonement.  Just as before if you want to know what happened in my first story, pick up my book(shameless plug #2). 

Anyway, the story centers around a young drifter who is searching for something.  As he is traveling by night through a forest he hears the scream of a young girl.  He investigates and finds a camp of outlaws holding both the young girl and her father captive. 

He moves in to rescue them, but once he does he is astonished when the father asks their rescuer to do even more, to stop an attack on a convoy.

The father is vague, at best, as to what is being carried by this convoy.  He reluctantly agrees and goes off in search of the convoy, with both the young girl and father in tow.  He finds the convoy and ultimately stops the attack, but a  black robed figure appears in a field of magical energy, just after the attack, and once again kidnaps the young girl. 

He will hold the girl for ransom, and the price will be the very thing in the convoy that the young man was asked to protect.  This story ends with the protagonist heading off to the nearest town, where the black robe man said to make the exchange.  He asked the father to stall in hopes he can rescue the girl.

I made this character into somewhat of a troubled soul, though it is not yet readily apparent.  He has a strong sense of justice and will not kill, or even attack unless provoked.  He is a skilled warrior and carries with him many surprises, which the first story in this series explains.  He has a troubled, secret past, which will be revealed in future stories, along with his motivations and goals of his travels.  Right now I am simply trying to establish the overall personality of the character.  While he may appear to be harsh and maybe even cruel at times, he is always playing both ends against the middle tyring to do what is right.

Of three Short stories that are serials this one is probably my favorite, due to the emotional factor and angst I plan to inject this character with.  I hope you will enjoy it too.  The next "Scribes" entry will be the last of my continuing stories, and from what I'm told it is the best of three. 

Thanks to all for your support!

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