Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Scribe's Work II

The next story I am going to talk about is actually a continuation of a story from my first book.  I designed this one as well as two others from my first book to continue from book to book,

Anyway, this story centers around a Terran (human) battleship, the Lexington as she goes on in her duties.  The Terrans are at war with a group of star systems called the Coalition.  The war is essentially at a stalemate at the moment, as the Lexington and another ship are on mission trying to track down a coalition raiding party that attacked a convoy.

The small coalition ships stand no real chance against a Terran battleship(the first story in this series goes into this further) so they flee into a nearby star system.  The two Terran ships pursue it and just when they seem about to close in on them to destroy them, a new Coaltion weapon that the Terran's knew nothing about is unleashed on them.  The two ships now must fight a new, superior foe. 

The name of the story is called Island Universe.  There will not be a lot of back story in this, as I have already dealt with a lot of it in the first story in the series.  If you want to know what happens in the first story you'll need to pick up a copy of my first book (shameless plug)

I'm still currently working on the second book, but I am far closer to completing than I have been.  I go a lot done today and managed to get a rough e-book version done.  All it needs is cover art (which I am currently working on) and some final editing and formatting stuff.

I hope to have it done soon, maybe before I get all these done.  I know I will probably never get rich from my work, but that's not my goal, I just want my work to be appreciated by readers.  Thanks for all your support!

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