Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just A Quick Update

This will be very brief, simply because I do not the time to do a real post.  In short I am close to completing my second anthology book.  I am also starting on my first partnership project.  It will be a novel about the Titanic, but I doubt it will be finished this year.  My novel is going no where.  Due to an excessive lack of time I have been unable to work on it for weeks.  My schedule just got even tighter this week, though I think I will be able to steal little time for it soon. 

I am also working on two new features for my blog, and once I get some content ready they too will be ready to go.  The first is a flash fiction section, which is pretty self-explanatory, the second which also needs no explanation, will be a review section.  It will cover whatever the hell I feel like reviewing; books, movies, TV shows, games whatever strikes my fancy, but books will be the majority of it.

So that's where I am.  Time it seems is always against me and it is a recurring theme in my posts.  I have no doubt many of you can sympathize.

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