Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm Still Here

I'm still around, and I'm still writing some.  I have been absent for so long because of some major changes in my life.  The demands on my time have gotten to the point where I was forced to cut something out, and unfortunately my writing is what got cut.  I am still writing, but it is very small amounts.  I plan to complete the music series I started on my review page.  I just put the finishing touches on all the posts.  Posting them won't be a problem, now that I have them written.

I am still editing my second anthology book.  It should be done by now and out, but like I said I am forced to turn my energy to other places.

I hope to have a new post up on here this week (fingers crossed).  Until then, thanks for not giving up on me. I am serious about my work, but life has taken priority, damn you life!

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